1. DanA will utilize any old or new technology as long as it delivers the best audio performance and the ultimate in reliability.

2. DanA full-range loudspeakers must reproduce frequency range from 20Hz to 20kHz in order to be capable of reproducing full content of the original recorded sound. Crossover is not to be employed within frequency range that covers common familiar sounds, such as human voice and most instruments, in order to avoid driver interaction and distortion within that crucial spectrum.

3. Power amplifiers must be as close to loudspeaker drivers as possible in order to minimize connecting cable length and subsequent cable induced sound degradations. Also, cables must be silver-soldered to the loudspeaker drivers and to the power amplifier outlets to avoid contacts deterioration and subsequent sound degradation.

4. Coiled windings must not be used in loudspeaker crossovers, in order to minimize use of wire in signal path, its sound degradation effects and power wastage.

5. Active crossover employed before power amplifiers can minimize crossover effect on sound; consequently each driver within a loudspeaker cabinet must be powered by a separate power amplifier.

6. Class A power amplifier must be used to achieve the best audio performance. Class AB power amplifiers must be used instead of Class A amplifiers in otherwise the same loudspeaker design, in order to make a more affordable construction that still produce sonically outstanding results. Also, Class AB must be used in amplification of the lowest frequency portion of the audio spectrum, where using Class A design would not produce any audible improvements.

7.Thermionic vacuum tubes (valves) must be used for the amplification of human voice and the majority of instruments, in order to obtain the highest audio fidelity when the cost is of no concern. Power transistors must be used for reproduction of very low and very high frequencies, where they outperform the valves. Also, transistors must be used instead of the thermionic valves when the cost is a restriction.

8.DC power supply units must be located physically away from the signal processing electronics (amplifiers, etc) in order to minimize power supply interference with the audio signal.

9.All parts used in audio electronic circuits must be selected for their audio performance in order to produce the best audio results.

10.DanA Active Loudspeaker design must eliminate radio frequencies being fed to the amplifier's input via loudspeaker connecting cables and drivers' voice coils which act as antenna.

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