Australian HI -FI

October/November 2002

[act:eve] - 108:dB

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Dana Electro Acoustics [act:eve] 108:dB Active Loudspeaker

- Clearly the Best -

Dana Electro Acoustics [act:eve]™ 108:dB Active Loudspeaker has won the prestigious
Sound and Image Award for the
Best Loudspeaker in over $3,000 category

Judges' Comment:
“ One of those rare speakers that will let you
hear your music collection
for the first time.”

Sound and Image Awards is an annual event
introduced in 1989 to recognise excellence in the
home entertainment equipment.
Products are evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:
• build quality
• features
• appearance
• ease of use
• ergonomics
• value for money
• sound and/or image reproduction. Audio Review


Dana Electro Acoustics 108:dB [act:eve] Loudspeaker

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