Features common to all :dB series units are :

DanA™ active loudspeakers [act:eve] ™ are designed for accurate reproduction of modern audio recordings, with particular attention to dynamic and frequency range demands.These loudspeakers are used for amplification of any audio source, and provide distortion free, uncoloured and uncompressed sound true to the original: relaxed, rhythmic, attacking, foot-tapping, floor-shaking, or whatever the artists have intended in the original.Our active loudspeakers can meet all multi-channel requirements: 2 channel (stereo), 5 - 7 channel (surround), or any new multi-channel configuration that could become popular in the future.Each loudspeaker contains an active crossover and one power amplifier matched to each driver within loudspeaker enclosure, thus making the loudspeaker a complete independent amplified channel.All :dB series™ loudspeakers are full-range floorstanding models suitable for any application; these models differ only in maximum sound pressure capability, power amplifiers' topology, and size.

Models [zen:ter], dB:108, dB:112, dB:120 and dB:130 use vacum valve/tube amplifiers for the main driver. Models [deep:note], 110d:B and [q:ter] use only solid state (transistor) devices.