OPEN™ Interconnect Cables
Analog signal cables suitable for reference stereo and multi-channel audio

Dana Electro Acoustics OPEN™ interconnect cables are made form pure silver that is drawn to form AWG 24 wire and then insulated with Teflon . The insulated silver wires make up a cable where conductors are formed in [tri:form]™ geometry and connected in balanced single ended configuration (for RCA terminations) or balanced configuration (for XLR /Cannon terminations).

The pure silver is tested after forming into the wire for purity at an independant laboratory, and must be at least ten thousand times more pure than pure sterling silver to conform to OPEN™ interconnect cable standard. Each cable set has a certificate of silver purity, issued after the metallurgical tests for each batch, currently carried out at Boeing Aerospace laboratory.

The importance of using pure silver is that silver is the best conductor at room temperatures, providing the least resistance to the signal transfer. The extraordinary purity of OPEN silver gives unrestrained and uniform propagation of electric field and to flow of electrons within the conductors.

OPEN™ - the closest conductor to no conductor at all.

The insulator around the pure silver wire is genuine Teflon (trade mark of Du Pont). Use of genuine teflon material gives assurance of continuous high quality from batch to batch. All insulators inhibit fast change of voltage within conductors, and consequently affect the sound in audio cables.Teflon has one of the lowest influence on the sound (together with dry paper, dry cotton and polypropylene).

OPEN™ - the closest insulator to no insulator at all.

[tri:form]™ cable geometry provides very low interaction between conductors, giving the least influence to transfer of audio signal. This feature is measured as cable capacitance, and measures 30pF per meter of OPEN cable. We do not know of any other cable that has such low capacitance.

OPEN™ - the closest to having no capacitance at all.

All OPEN™ interconnect cables are shielded from interference that may be present in the surrounding space, in order to provide fine resolution and detail to even the quietest music passages.

OPEN™ - the closest to no background noise at all.

Balanced single ended configuration means that both signal and signal return conductors are treated as signal wires (and not as signal and ground), and both are made from pure solid silver. Most other cables are of coaxial design, which is best suited for antenna cables. For audio, the best RCA design is OPEN™ balanced single ended.

OPEN ™- designed for audio.

Balanced signal consists of two signal wires, and above listed [tri:form]™ features are ideal for XLR / Cannon interconnect cables.

All OPEN™ interconnect cables are very flexable, despite being made from solid silver, thanks to [tri:form]™ geometry.


OPEN™ cable terminations are available in three options:

Pure solid silver RCA connector, where all conductors are made from certified pure solid silver. The body is metal, silver in colour. This connector, designed by Eichmann, is the most revolutionary RCA design in the last decade, highly acclaimed and with numerous awards.

Locking ground RCA connector, where all conductors are made from gold clad copper alloy. The body is metal, dark chrome in colour. The connector is based on WBT design, and features axial grip ring that transforms rotational tightening motion into axial sliding motion, giving much firmer grip and better ground contact.

Balanced XLR connector has conductors made from gold clad copper alloy, and is made by Switchcraft. The body is metal, black in colour. This XLR connector is very well designed and built, giving excellent mechanical and audio performance.

Sound quality of OPEN™ Pure Solid Silver [tri:form]™ Interconnect Cable, as described by audiophiles: extremely open and detailed, most dynamic presentation; free, flowing, non-ringing transients; precisely focused sound stage; wider, higher and deeper soundspace; smooth in high pitch sounds, metal percussions and soprano; uninhibited
and flowing voice reproduction; no grain in high frequencies; detailed and natural piano; great impact in drums and percussions; strong and firm low frequencies; unbloated, fast bass; extremely quiet in background noise; natural and OPEN.

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